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Work Permits

Illinois State Law Work Permit Requirements

 Click on the link below for updated information.  

 New Requirements for Children Working in the Entertainment Industry

 Contact Alyssa Rosas - arosas@willcountyillinois.com or 815-740-8360  for any questions regarding work permits.  

The Illinois Department of Labor is now allowing permit requests to be processed via email as of May 7th, 2021.

Please make sure that you have all of the documents needed before emailing or coming in.  Only send one email with all of the attachments.  If you have questions please call.   


** The original social security card and birth certificate must be presented, a copy is not acceptable. 

15 and under

  1. Letter of intent: Position, prospective employer, stating nature of work and approximate hours and days minor shall be employed each week. The letter of intent should be on company letterhead and must include address, phone number, and name of supervisor.
  2. Evidence of age: **Original Birth Certificate, or a certificate of baptism.
  3. A statement of physical fitness signed by a physician certifying that the minor is fit to perform the job in question. Physical must be dated within the past year.
  4. **Original Social Security Card. ( A verification letter from Social Security can be used in lieu of the card.)
  5. Parent/Guardian must send a valid state issued ID or driver's license for verification of residence  
  6. Contact phone number for parent or legal guardian. 
  7. Principal's Statement To Issuing Officer form  AAA Principal’s Statement To Issuing Officer.pdf  (not required while students are out on summer break)
  8. For all children working in the entertainment industry, the parent needs to have confirmation on bank stationary that they have established a trust fund in the minors name before they can have an approved employment certificate.  The trust account is not needed if they are only working as an extra or in background. We cannot accept UTMA savings accounts per Illinois Child Labor Law Compliance. 

Children under 14 may only work the following types of jobs:

  • Umpire or referee sporting events.
  • Performing in theatrical, motion picture, or broadcast productions.

Child Labor Law Compliance Website

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